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About Us

Our Vision / Mission

Early Life Academy offers several programs for students, families, communities, providers, and their staff. We want to bridge the gap of collective collaboration, provide adequate youth enrichment programs, and foster effective business practices.

Please see the programs we offer below.


About Early Life Academy: School Age Program

Early Life Academy is more than the traditional school age program. E.L.A. will help children reach their highest individual potential in their early stages of life. We care for children, and know that they can excel even in their beginning stages.

In addition, Early Life Academy will serve as an academic enrichment and tutorial program. We will provide homework assistance, extra curriculum activities, STEM, and field trips. Early Life Academy will ensure that our children have a well rounded experience, and an experience to look back upon.

As a learning facility, we hope to help kids in fulfilling their fullest potentials. We strive to meet their individual developmental needs in the areas of:

  • Literacy

  • Science

  • Math Problem Solving

  • Arts

  • Social Competence

  • Fitness and Nutrition

  • Technology

Our school age program is designed to meet all these developmental factors which leads to a positive and holistic educational experience for these young learners. We also work with parents to meet the same goals and to help children grown up well-rounded, responsible and well-adjusted.


About Early Life Academy: Childcare Transportation

Early Life Academy offers transportation to Family, Group, and Small Centers. With low and affordable rates; our goal, is to help providers and their children to experience the world beyond their school’s four walls.

Please click here to find out more about our Transportation Program.


About Early Life Academy: Staff Retention Program

Early Life Academy: Staff Retention Program host quarterly conferences for owner and directors of Family, Group, and Childcare centers. Not only will you network with other providers, but you will gain adequate knowledge of how to retain your employees, and cut down your turnover rate. Attendance is by registration only.

Please click here to find out more about our Staff Retention Program.

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