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Staff Retention

Early Life – Staff Retention Program


The Problem

One of the hardest things to do in running a successful childcare program is retaining staff. How do childcare programs keep their staff? In the E.C.E. (Early Childhood Education) field we have a very high turnover rate. Our students are there for us to provide the service, but our staff rotate every few days, weeks, or months. This is not good for the child, family, or business. Many programs cannot afford to pay for medical, retirement, vacation, sick or personal days, yet alone annual pay rate increases.


The Solution

Early Life Staff Retention Program has developed creative ways to retain your staff. We have researched and design a program specifically for childcare programs. Our forty-five minutes intake session will help us design a tailored plan for your site.


The Retention Process

Following the initial intake session, a plan will be created for your program. Depending on the plan you select we will either give you the plan to execute yourself; or we will serve as your accountability partner to ensure that your process is moving along. This could include bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually check- ins. Our check-in methods vary from phone, e-mail, or personal visits. In order for this process to be beneficial, one must be strategic and consistent with the created plan. This is a long-term process with a long-term outcome.

As you have read, the staff retention, working document program will help you retain your current staff and other staff to come in the future. As other top companies in this country have done; you will have created, with our helpful 32 page template, a specific tailored Staff Retention Program for your company to use throughout the existence of your organization.

Our time together will consist of creating a working document plan for your company’s future use. This will include:

  • Finding out the goal and plans for your program

  • Getting more information from your director and staff (goals)

  • Creating funding to help set off miscellaneous cost

  • Indulging and revamping current company’s process pertaining to staff

  • Employee Benefits

  • And other creative ways to retain your staffThis is a proven system. A system that works for the other top companies. A system that is specifically tailored to ECE providers.

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